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Lost in purple
Lost in purple
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2D platformer with RPG elements. It is about the space traveler crashed in the vast outer space fictional Sci-Fi world.
Interacting with the civilian population, using a variety of weapons and abilities, the player will have to defeat the aggressive inhabitants unfamiliar planet among which meet many unique bosses with unique combat mechanics. Only showing diligence in learning and courage in battle, the protagonist will be able to return home.
Look forward to:
• 18 locations representing the most dangerous places unknown planet
• 12 bloodthirsty bosses who guard their possessions
• 13 quests conductive hero from the moment of the crash and to salvation
• 28 active and passive skills that give different battle tactics
• A lot of different items of equipment

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Versão:   1.0 < > Platoniax studio # Arcade SD 46 MB US$ 1.11 ANDROID 4 ou superior

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